What is love?

What is love?

Love is when you allow yourself to feel and release

To heal and be free of any fear you’re holding a moment ago

Love is when you welcome the energy of kindness and acceptance to prevail over the diminishing shapes of your most compelling resistance

Love is when you invite to reconnect to your community

And to be wrapped up in our unbridled unconditional acceptance of you

Love is what’s emerging in this time of inexplicable reckoning

Love is seen deeply to the pain inside and finding our hearts hurling toward the next freedom the next unified cry for peace

Love is this healing

And it’s precisely what you were born to bring

Take one deep breath

May these words interpret our silents place

To recall our presence in this larger vast family

Our fallible earnest beautiful species

This is when we uncover our strengths and our unity

Take on deep breathe with me.